Tips on Post Construction Cleaning

Tips on Post Construction Cleaning

Construction work is now complete, and your house looks fantastic! Well, under all the dust and construction materials on the floor.

Thorough post-construction cleaning is needed before you can enjoy your new space. But what exactly does it entail? Below are tips to get you started!

Remove all the Construction Leftovers

After construction works are done, your house looks all messy with trash lying on the floor. The first thing is to remove all the garbage and drywall. Check your interior and exterior areas for drop cloths, plastic tarps, and construction supplies such as screws and bolts.

Open the Windows

Please open the windows irrespective of how cold it is. That will allow sufficient airflow to minimize the foul odors of sawn wood, draw dust out, and reduce smells from cleaning materials.

Clean the Windows

Dirty windows look messy and terrible. You can restore their shine using a window cleaning product. Be sure to start from the top and work down, then rinse. Repeat the process severally, and finally dry it with a dry cloth.

Sweep First

As much as it is tempting to start cleaning surfaces, it is best to start by sweeping. Sweeping causes dust to settle on surfaces, making you spend so much time cleaning the surfaces, which can be frustrating.

Wipe Hard Surfaces

Use a disinfectant to wipe down hard surfaces like your kitchen counters and cabinets. Be sure to clean the surfaces thoroughly, removing any stains that may have formed from the construction works.

After cleaning, dry up the surfaces to prevent any molds from forming. Also, be sure to leave your cupboards open to dry and get rid of the damp smells.

Check Your Air vents.

Air vents can easily be forgotten. So, make sure you dust them and vacuum inside the vents and the external grills. This helps prevent clogging in your heating or air conditioning system and stops dust from recirculating back into the room.


Once you have dusted all the surfaces, check on the light bulbs for dust can settle there too. Use a dry cloth to clean it up but make sure to turn the lights off before you start cleaning. This will leave the lights looking clean and sparkly, thus brighten the room.

Clean the sidewalks and driveways

As much as construction works were not on the sidewalks, it would be best if you cleaned it up. Sand and gravel could have accumulated during the construction project and sweeping the area could make such a huge difference.

Vacuum Again

Vacuum again once you are done sweeping. By then, a lot of dust will have settled down.


After sweeping and dusting your entire house, go through the house using a mop to add shine. Also, keep in mind that you regularly dust the house, especially if dust continues to settle.

If you are not into getting down and dirty, you can contact professional cleaning services to help with all the post-construction works.

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