Liability Issues & Risks of Cleaning Your Business ‘In-House’

Are you also one of those people who feel that cleaning the office every day is not necessary? Well, then these excuses might create some real risks for you. In short, these risks need to be considered seriously. That is when you would be able to avoid any trouble that would come up in the office or that can disrupt your business. Keeping these issues in mind, some businesses are now making smart decisions by hiring Ohio office cleaning service providers.

Seeing the increase in the slip-and-fall cases in the recent years has changed the perspective of many businesses. Such cases have become a common problem that many custodial workers suffer from when working on wet surfaces, by moving heavy objects, climbing ladders, etc.

Other than the slip-and-fall cases, there are many bending and twisting cases that have caused workers to get back injuries. Moreover, there were studies which proved that the custodial workers tend to get injured at their job twice more than the professional workers hired from an outside company.

From this, it is understood that the company that assigns the office cleaning duties to their employees put their organization and the employees at risk. Since the cleaning task is a professional one that not everyone and anyone can do. That is why it is better to always hire Columbus office cleaning service providers.

To understand the argument better, below shared are some of the risks that you need to consider before you hire an employee and hand them a broom:

Cleaning Product Safety

Every one of us knows at least one cleaning product that works as a poison. And it is these products that are normally hazardous to the health of those using it. Giving such cleaning products in someone else’s hands would lead to issues where the worker can get injured due to it. And let us say that you offer them with protective gloves, clothing and even safety goggles. But using these items professionally might not be their thing since they are not professionally trained for it.

That is why the commercial cleaners who are trained for such tasks are the right people for the job. Not only would these workers be equipped with the right gear; but they would also know which cleaning solutions should not be mixed together to avoid any chemical reactions. These chemical reactions can cause both internal and external injuries based on the type of reaction it has. And obviously, you do not want such issues in your office. Which is why, hiring an Ohio office cleaning service provider with professional workers is the only right way around it.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a government system that expects every business to be maintained, sanitized, and cleaned. Moreover, it also requires the company to create a schedule for cleaning, servicing and supplying for each facility in the company. It also requires the company to have a proper storage system for the cleaning products. Further, the company should also have all the required equipment that would shield the employee from any harm.

Handling all these things can cost a business a lot just for having the company cleaned. And you do not want an OSHO inspector to show up suddenly and find out that you are complying with the rules. To avoid any extra costs and trouble with the OSHO department, it is always better to hire Columbus office cleaning professionals. It would not only cost you less, but it would keep you on the safe side of the government.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Premiums

Let us say that your worker gets injured by mistake while performing their normal task one day. In such a situation, your workers’ compensation insurance would have to cover all the cost of the injury sustained by the employee during the job. And with this, not only would the productivity of the employee decrease, you would lose a lot of money due to the incident.

Decreased Worker Productivity

In continuation of the previous issue, when such incidents occur in the company the morale and productivity of every other cleaner would also decrease. This would lead you to suffer from a huge loss in both money and productivity. By hiring a company that offers Ohio office cleaning services, you would be able to avoid such issues.

Liability Insurance Requirements

If you assign cleaning duties to different employees or have a full-time custodian, there are many risks in the job they do. The risks are not only for the cleaners but also for the visitors. With a reputable cleaning service working for your company, proper safety measures would be taken. Moreover, you would also have proper liability coverage with the company offering the Columbus office cleaning services. In case there is any incident that takes place, the liability insurance of the cleaning company would offer you with the proper coverage.

Overhead Costs

From the above shared points, it is also understood that hiring your own team of cleaners would costs you a lot. Not only would you have to pay for their salary, but you would also need to get the equipment needed for the tasks. But if you decide to hire a cleaning company to do the work for you, it would not cost you much. The company would already be equipped with the items needed and all you would be paying for is their weekly, daily or monthly services.

Bottom Line

If you see the overall costs and the risks that come with cleaning your own business, it is clearly understood that outsourcing the tasks is much safer and better for your company. Talking about outsourcing, isn’t it better to hire a company that aims at cleaning your company perfectly well in an environment-friendly way?

Well, in that case, Green Clean Ohio is a great Ohio office cleaning service provider that you should try out. The company handles any cleaning task from the routine maintenance to the industrial clean-up. Contact now to allow Green Clean Ohio to help mitigate the risks that can come up if you decide to have your office cleaned in-house.