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Eco-Friendly Cleaning


It is a well-established, family –owned and operated service provider for all the companies in Ohio. The company celebrates the gained superb/exorbitant reputation for its professionalism and quick service provision. It has an understanding on the needs of the customers regarding day to day operations.

The desire of all companies is to welcome their client and visitors to a pristine and a professional environment. Also the employees of a company need to thrive in a dirt free surrounding, green Ohio has it all.


To become the benchmark by which our industry is measured, while setting higher standards for the betterment of our planet, community, and each valued client.


We are of the belief that trash need not be litter, therefore our mission is to empower our customer to be a friend to our planet and community, and while doing so, we strive to be the best in our field regardless of the size, tenure, or inclinations of our competitors.


The Green Clean Ohio ‘special sauce’ kills 99.99% of harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus and any other micro-organisms without posing a threat to humans, animals and plants

The process works by filling a room with a mist or a fog. The particals being so small, remain in the air long enough to kill any airbourne viral or bacterial contamination. As the fog settles onto all surfaces, even the ones never touched by conventional cleaning, the chemical continues to kill any surface contamination.

Getting to work and finding the place messy, with litter all over and the office not well set proves disgusting- let alone the state of the restrooms.

Green Ohio has it all, they can clear these problems and offer a regular cleaning service to the best of your satisfaction.

Our company answers the needs of all businesses, from small offices to large commercial facilities. Our services are customized to meet the needs of any company in need of cleaning services.

Green Clean Ohio has well trained and professional staff that ensures provision of quality service at a competitive price. We strive to be reliable, affordable and efficient and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. This is made possible through;

  1. Staff 1st-rate service reliability
  2. Unique pricing with our renowned ‘Price Match Guarantee’
  3. A total flexible service tailored to your accurate needs
  4. Reassuring controls for consistently top cleaning standards
  5. Well trained, friendly, pre-screened and trustworthy

We are the best ahead of the rest. We offer quality janitorial and the general office cleaning services. We also provide the following specialized services:

  • Day & Night Cleaning
  • New or Remodel Construction Cleanup
  • Commercial / Janitorial Cleaning
  • Commercial Tile Stripping & Waxing
  • Commercial Tile Floor Maintenance
  • Green and traditional cleaning methods
  • Contact green Ohio today for janitorial services.


Thank you for considering Green Clean Ohio, a cleaning and waste management services provider. We
distinguish ourselves with an exceptional combination of industry expertise through many years of commercial and industrial cleaning. At GCO, we are proud to offer innovative pricing options focused on
recycling and environmental initiatives along with a streamlined process built for efficiency.

Our biggest and best differentiator is that Green Clean Ohio, is an advocate for the environment and we
take great pride in developing and maintaining lasting solutions that benefit our environment. GCO is a
woman-owned, minority small business that specializes in affording our clients with environmentally
conscious solutions of disposing waste materials. Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge in cleaning and
roll-off dumpster service. Our service offerings have been approved to be environmentally friendly.

Green Clean Ohio strives to create lasting relationships with our commercial and governmental clients.
Our strategies and quality assurance efforts are designed to manage, deliver and exceed cleaning and dumpster service expectations.